The new look of stacked stone panels -
The new look of stacked stone panels -

The new look of

Stacked Stone Panels

I was visiting a friend the other day, and I noticed that her house looked really different from the front than I remember it. I asked her about it, and she said they had just installed stacked stone panels across the front in order to give the house a whole new look.

I didn’t notice that was what it was, but I did notice that the house looked different and much nicer than I remember it looking. She added some shutters for all the front facing windows, and out back there is a new pergola and a nice patio.  I think all they really need to do now is plant some flowers and trees, which she actually said is the next thing on their list.

I had no idea that you could buy stone panels and install them yourself, and that it would make such a difference in the look and feel of a home. I always thought that major construction would be required to change the way that a home looks from the outside or from the street, like adding a bay window or raising the roof.

But apparently, all it takes is some shutters and the stone panels to make a really big difference. I’m sure that now she could sell her home for much more than it was previously worth, but at this time I think they are just going to live there and enjoy the nicer look. Its important to love the home that you live in, and stacked stone panels can help with that , which I am really happy for.