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Organize kitchen pantry

6 Tips About How To Organize a Kitchen Pantry

In the following article I will talk about how to organize your kitchen pantry cabinet and take the best of it. A messy kitchen pantry may flourish for months, even years before grabbing our attention. It is often hidden behind a door allowing the "out of sight, out of mind" reflex to kick in, and we move onto to something more visually urgent like dishes piling up in the sink. But I will argue that organizing your pantry is the project that will have the most impact on your kitchen, consider the following benefits: REASONS TO CLEAR THE PANTRYSaves money by identifying what you're using, what you're not using and what you've bought in duplicate (or in same cases, triplicate). Allows you to take stock of your cooking habits. I once got ambitious and bought a small amount of saffron, which as most cooks know is very, very expensive. That...

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