Tag: Innovative Trash Can – Perfect Home Gift!

automate trash can

Innovative Trash Can – Perfect Home Gift!

Few days ago, while I was looking on the internet about what's new on the market ( yeah, Black Friday is coming, and so the Winter Gift's Season ), in order to buy the best gifts from my family and friends, I found this very awesome product: iTouch Less - 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash CanMy first impression was something like: Anyone can tie a knot in a bag bag... It's really not an "impossible misson..."....But, instant, another idea came in my mind:Tying a knot in a bag might be a massive challenge for somebody with mobility difficulties, and there it's not a thing like a a service animal which could do that for you, either. I could see a machine like this becoming extremely useful for people who aren't able to use their hands all that properly or at all.   So, yes! This device is really, really helpful....

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