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Room Makeover Guide

How To Update Your Room Decor Instant With These 10 Simple Tricks

A comprehensive Room Makeover Guide These ideas for quick changes for a fast room redo will help you update a room or interior space for a only few dollars ... or less! And all of these projects can be completed in one day or less. Choose one (or more) of these project ideas for an instant room update, as well as instant gratification! For more tips and tricks, visit this link: Home Decor Tips&Tricks 1. Paint a ceiling. Putting color or a design onto a ceiling can make an amazing difference in the look of your room. And since you are painting only one wall instead of four, decorating a ceiling makes for a fast room update. Choose a once shade lighter than the walls, or go with a bold shade and make it a feature of your space. Stencils and decals can also work wonderfully well on the ceiling.  2. Decorate the...

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