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Floating Bamboo Flooring

Floating Bamboo Flooring | Cost and Installation Process

If you are looking for floating bamboo flooring you should know that bamboo is one of the most durable of the hardwoods in the world. Besides being extremely strong and durable there is the issue of price. Because bamboo is a rather quick growing plant, the cost of bamboo is relatively low comparative to other hardwoods.The fact that it does grow so fast makes it very Eco-friendly and a renewable source. Those facts alone make it an excellent flooring material for just about anywhere. Floating bamboo flooring can come in various strengths depending on thickness and whether or not the wood is carbonized. Carbonized bamboo is darker than natural bamboo and softer, but the color makes a difference, as people buying bamboo flooring tend to choose the darker hues rather than lighter hues as it naturally looks. Why Choose Floating Bamboo Flooring The choice of floating bamboo flooring allows for ease...

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