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Contemporary Kitchen – Seamless Connection

Contemporary Kitchen - Seamless Connection An ever changing ocean seascape takes centrey appointed kitchen   Overlooking lush green grass flowing out towards the white wash of the Pacific Ocean and the wide open blue water, this unique kitchen sits proudly as a focal point in a magnificent living space. The lateral thinking owners desired the sensual beachside environment to feature prominently in a timeless, beautiful and practical home. It was therefore imperative that all design and finish selections, whilst luxurious, did not detract from the inherent beauty of the home's location and stunning outlook.Designed for a family with three young boys, the focus of the large, multi-faceted kitchen is on the simplification of daily routines, ample storage and suitability for a busy beach and pool lifestyle.Both spacious, modern and with clean lines, the kitchen pays attention to timber detailing which is carried throughout the home. These joinery details are what give the home...

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