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Using Brass With Class | Kitchen Faucets

Many homes built or updated between the 1970's and 2000's are likely to contain polished brass hardware.  Whether it be sliding closet doors, cabinet knobs, doorknobs and door hinges, brass is was a very common finish to use. I think we can all agree to be content that the polished brass/ gold phase has passed.  Many people are now "de-brassing" their homes to get a more updated look.  Interestingly enough, we are seeing brass make a come-back in more matte and brushed sheens.We see the yellow-toned finishes work great in luxury contemporary and classic kitchens.  When brass is not polished, it acts as more of a color statement than a metallic that reflects light.Satin brass glows softly, yet brilliantly with sophisticated color palettes of neutrals, blacks, grays and whites. 1.  Brass Kitchen FaucetsKitchen faucets are a great place to experiment with different finishes.  A Brass, Gold or Bronze Kitchen faucet finished looks extremely refined and classic with...

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