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Stacked Stone Veneer changed how my house feels

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Stacked Stone Veneer changed how my house feels
Stacked Stone Veneer changed how my house feels

Stacked Stone Veneer changed

how my house feels


Stacked Stone Veneer: I have always been someone that needs to have a project.  I built my own house back in the 70s and I haven’t stopped messing around with it since then.  I recently read an article about stone and brick houses standing up to wild fire better than wood houses.  I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

I live in the mountains of Colorado, so there is always the threat of wildfire.  I put a metal roof on my house several years ago because I thought that it would protect against fire, because I liked the look, and because I needed a project.  Those are the three reasons why I decided to put a stacked stone veneer around my house last fall too.

I had considered doing real stone instead of the veneer, but there were several reason why I chose to go with the stacked stone veneer.  First off, there was the fact that the veneer was much cheaper.  Then there was the environmental impact of quarrying stone.  When it came down to it though, it was that I was planning on doing all the work myself and the stacked stone veneer was not only much lighter but also much easier to deal with in general.

Because the stacked stone veneer is engineered to be installed, it is inherently easier to work with.  At my age, I like a challenge, but not as much as I used to.  There was a side of me that actually liked the look of the brick veneer more than the stacked stone veneer.  When I was a child my home was made of brick.  But, in the mountain setting of my home, I felt that the stacked stone veneer looked better considering the surroundings.  There were a lot of different options in terms of look.

It was frustrating for me actually.  I like to think of myself as having the pioneer spirit. I felt a little too much like a consumer when I was presented with the countless options of color and style.  I asked myself what the pioneers would do and I realized that they would simply find the closest rocks to them and then use those.  So, I decided to pick the color that was most similar to the rocks around my house, which happened to be brown granite.

In the end, the color choice really made the house seem like it belonged in its surroundings.  When the stacked stone veneer was delivered, I was surprised how easy it was to put on.  I was actually kind of disappointed because I thought that the project would last me a month.  The installation ended up taking me less than a week.  The result is that I will need another project before the winter.  But, I am extremely happy with how the stacked stone veneer looks.  It seems like it is what my house has been missing all these years.  It really changed the whole feel of the place.  I get a lot of compliments.

People can’t believe that I did all the work myself.

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