Stacked Stone Tile

Stacked Stone Tile

The queen of do-it-yourself

Stacked Stone Tile | The queen of do-it-yourself – All of my friends know that I love to do projects. They are so keen that I am usually forced to do some sort of makeover project for their homes. I love it, so I’m not complaining. In fact, the more practice I get, the better my projects become. One of my favorite projects was working on some stone panels at my friend Ann’s house.

Anny lives is a great neighborhood and she is able to take off a lot of time to work on projects for her house. At any rate, she has a great back yard and this really cool gazebo type cover for her grill and seating area. Unfortunately, the original owner of the home decided to cover the gazebo with this ugly, 1970s tile. It looked hideous and it was a huge eye sore for anyone that came over for her summer dinner parties.

So, our mission was to revamp the entire area and we did! We got rid of the nasty tile and put in some wonderful faux stone that will protect the area. Ann wanted to do faux stone because it is a lot easier to deal with and it is a lot cheaper than the real deal.

We placed the faux stone all around the grill and then we did some on the ground to make it a cohesive look. Look at the picture below to see the end result. Even though it took a lot of time to figure out the panelling, I think it turned out great.