Stacked Stone Tile - 101 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas Guide
Stacked Stone Tile - 101 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas Guide

Stacked Stone Tile Bathroom

101 Tile Design Ideas Guide

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If you want to create a bold, new look for your bathroom but you don’t know where to begin, consider replacing your old bathroom tiles. Just by doing a little research, you can be sure to find great bathroom Stacked Stone Tile design ideas that will fit your style and budget.

Whether you want to replace all of your tiles or just add accent tiles to spruce up your bathroom, there are countless solutions available to you.

Stacked Stone Tile

The best place to start is in your shower. Because your shower tiles get daily exposure to water, soaps, shampoos and body oils, they tend to lose their luster. Mineral deposits, mildew build-up and the chemicals you use to clean your shower can all take a toll on your tiles.

To brighten up your bathroom, consider replacing your old shower tiles with something lively and fresh.

First, pick a color or pattern you’d like your bathroom to have, and incorporate the design into your shower.

If your shower is encased in clear glass, you may want to consider making it the focal point of your bathroom. Choose bold colors and eye-catching designs to add excitement and pizzazz to the area.

If your shower primarily hides behind a curtain, you can place your focus elsewhere but still select fun, durable tiles that will look great and stand the test of time.

Another key area of your bathroom is the sink

Depending on the size, style and layout of your sink, you may be able to add fun accent tiles around it to tie the new theme of your bathroom together. Sinks that have larger surface areas give you a little more freedom to be creative.


Stacked Stone Tile


The floor is the largest tiled area in your bathroom, so you will definitely want to consider replacing these. You can even get heating installed below your tiled bathroom floors to make stepping out of the shower on cold days a much more pleasant experience.

Search online and check out your local home improvement store to get some bathroom tile ideas that will work for you.

Stacked Stone Tile for more brighter look

Walls are another area where tiles can be used to change or update the look of your bathroom. You can install tiles on the entire surface area of your walls or mount them on the lower half while updating the paint on the upper portion.

This is a very trendy way to improve your bathroom without spending a lot of extra time.

Stacked Stone Tile

Take your time and plan how you want to change the look of your bathroom. Select the colors and styles that best represent you and your personality and seek out sources that will give you a lot of great bathroom tile design ideas. You’re sure to love the new look of your bathroom when you update your tiles!

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