Small Bathroom Tile Ideas
Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Remodeling the bathroom always makes for a fun project, but it becomes increasingly more difficult when working with small spaces. For many homeowners, bathrooms are rather small, especially when working with those in townhomes and condos. Fortunately, there are many ways to maximize the space in your bathroom. Instead of relying on expensive fixtures or bathroom furniture, this larger look can be achieved by choosing the right type of bathroom tile.

When it comes to small bathroom tile ideas, it’s important to plan ahead so you know exactly how you’re going to achieve that larger and more open space. First, stick to tiles that are large in size and light in color. Placing small tiles throughout the bathroom will only make the room appear smaller and more cluttered.

Opt for tiles that are 6 to 8 inches and simple in design. Light colors are also important to the overall appearance of size, as light reflects off these colors and makes the space seem bigger. While white colored tile is often popular, don’t think that you’re limited to this. Beiges, pastels and ivory hues are all great choices that are light in color and perfect for bathrooms.

Small bathrooms should also use rectified porcelain tile. While porcelain tile is often a first choice for many homeowners, buying it rectified is overlooked. Rectified tile is cut after it is baked, which means it’s more consistent in size. Tile that is not rectified is cut and then baked, causing it to be different sizes.

While it may be difficult to see this difference while shopping for tile, you’ll notice that small bathrooms will have a more uniform appearance when the rectified tiles can be placed closer together. Placing the tile diagonally is also a great idea for small bathrooms.

Another way to use tile in a small bathroom is to extend it to the ceiling or use it as a border around the upper portion of the walls. This extends the eye upward, making the room appear larger. You can also choose to use a different colored or type of tile in a shower area for example, thus separating the different sections of the bathroom. If you love adding color but don’t want to overdo it, consider placing random colored or patterned tile throughout the bathroom or using a light textured tile for the border.

These are great ways to add in color and character, without taking away size from an already small bathroom.