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Remodeling with Stacked Stone Veneer

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Remodeling with Stacked Stone Veneer
Remodeling with Stacked Stone Veneer

Stacked Stone Veneer

Remodeling your house in the best way!


Stacked Stone Veneer: As part of our basement remodel, we decided that we wanted something understated and yet elegant, something that would make you feel that you were in a much nicer home than ours is. The only way we could do that on our budget was to fake it, and thank goodness we found out about stacked stone veneer.

It is stone that looks and feels real, but is lighter and much cheaper, and we were able to install it by ourselves, without the help of a contractor or special tools. We wanted a wall to be the focal point and also the accent piece, so we painted on wall and then on the other facing wall we installed the stone veneer, from the floor to the ceiling.

Of course, we removed the old carpet down there, and the stone veneer that we got was a perfect contrast to the color of the stained and finished concrete floors. There are lights installed in the ceiling that shine directly onto the stone wall, and the stone veneer catch it and make shadows that work perfectly to draw the eye of the viewer.

We have hung a picture in the center and put some tall floor plants on either side, and it looks like the entry way to a spa or something. We never would have been able to afford real stone, so the stacked stone veneers were a perfect option to solve our problem.

And the remodel worked out perfectly, and we are so happy with it.

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