(AD) How I Made Over 1 Million Views On Pinterest with Tailwind

In this article I will tell you how I’ve Boosted my Pinterest account by using Tailwind

 In a WEEK!

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Since 2016 I use Pinterest to show pictures from StackedStoneTile.com . Without too much interest about this Social Media platform, I’ve pinned beautiful pictures from my niche: Pinterest Home Decor. Well, few days ago I’ve discovered something that keep my attention: My traffic have been boosted with over 900%. From 0 Unique Visitors, last year, to 200 UV in December ( 2018 ) to over 2k UV in a week. . That’s awesome, I’ve said to myself! Now let’s scale up!  The trend is slow but constant and it keeps grow week by week.

Pinterest Traffic 1

Pinterest Traffic 1

Pinterest Traffic 2

Pinterest Traffic 2

What I did

1. Create your Pinterest account

First of all, in order to make the things work for you, you need a Pinterest account. Make sure that when you create it, it will be a Business account. I will write later about it.

2.Signed up for a Tailwind account:

I’ve heard a lot about the Tailwind app in the past, but I’ve never paid too much attention. Well, if you didn’t heard already about it, I will write a little summary for you about this awesome app: It automate the way you pin your pictures on your Pinterest account. This means that even if you are not at home, or at least in the front of your computer, you will still post content on your Pinterest account. How? Simple: Through the Tailwind App.

3. Schedule only Quality Pins

Well, because I wasn’t too interested about Pinterest, I didn’t learn too much about it. Now, after I’ve watched some good tips about Pinterest on Youtube!, I’ve realized that it’s a MUST to post only quality pins. Also, very important, the pins you post must be relevant with your article from your blog. For example, you cannot pin a muscle car and point it to your pet shop store. Instead, you should post a pin with a happy budgie and point it to your per shop -> Budgies food section. Simple, right?

Pinterest Account Management

4. Get involved! 

Ok. I’ve posted my super content there. Now what?! Well, I start to grow my Pinterest activity by following others from the same niche with me and repin their beautiful content. Here is what you have to do, in order to follow the exact steps I’ve made.

Pinterest, like Twitter or any other Social Platforms, are based on the Social Media activity. After you’ve posted your content there, you also involve in the platform. So you have to repin the others pins, follow others ( people or boards ) and, generally speaking, be active. But, pay attention: You should repin pins from other people just if they are from the same niche with you and post them on relevant boards. Example: Let’s say you are in the “Kitchen Decor” niche, and your quality content is based on this niche.

You will have to repin only quality Kitchen Decor pins to a board ( your board ) related to the “Kitchen Decor”; This board can be named: kitchen cabinate, glamours kitchen, kitchen flooring ideas, dwell kitchen, styled kitchen, superfront kitchen, beautiful kitchens, etc. . I will explain later how to get this kind of super keywords ( with ton of traffic ).

Pinterest Everything: Tips to get Thousands of Unique Visitors per Month

Here are some quick tips to get more visible on the Pinterest, after you’ve replicated my steps above:

  1. Be sure that when you create your Pinterest account, it will be a Business account.
  2. Optimize your Pinterest profile ( add relevant data about you/your website or blog ), create some boards ( and also optimize them ).
  3. Post only quality and interesting content from your blog niche. You can also post duplicate content, because Pinterest is not against it – But pay attention to copyrights.
  4. Add the Pinterest Button to your website. If your blog is based on WordPress CMS, you can find several plugins to do it.
  5. Repin and Follow other people from your niche.
  6.  Get followers: The easiest and best way to get quality followers is to find who’s tha’ boss in your niche, go on his profile and try to follow his followers. Usually, the rate of followers you will get is 1/4 from what you’ve already followed. Let’s say your Pinterest profile is in the Wedding niche. Find who is the most active in this niche ( have thousands of followers, pins, repins and so ), go to his profile -> followers, and start to follow his followers. If you follow, let’s say, 100 people per day, it’s a big chance to get at least 25 followers back ( quality followers, because you both are from the same niche ).
  7. Find Pinterest Keywords with HUGE traffic – Well, I’ve learned how to do it very quick. If you want to get Pinterest keywords ideas with traffic ( hundreds of thousands or even million per month ), you must go to the Pinterest Ads, create an advertiser account and try to create an ad. After you’ve inserted an X budget for your future ad campaign, press “Continue” and on the next page, go to the Keywords Tab and fill that Keywords form. You will get the best Pinterest keywords ( from here I’ve got the keywords above: kitchen cabinate, etc.. ). Select what you need and put it into your Pin description. I’ve learned this great Pinterest Hack, alongside with other fantastic things from Kat Sullivan’s Video
  8. A very good way to find what Pins works great for you is: Go to Google Analytics -> ( In the left side ) Acquisition -> Social -> Network Referrals -> Pinterest, and your best Pins from where the traffic comes will be revealed. I’ve learned this great tip, alongside with other awesome tricks from Twins Mommy’s Video

Now, the Best Pinterest Tip – Tailwind App

Ok! So you did what I write above. Your Pinterest account should be already awesome enough to get traffic. Well, it’s not enough. You can get more Pinterest traffic on your blog by doing the following thing: Join Tailwind. After you’ve joined, scheduled your pins and stuff, you must get the best from this App. What is the best thing you can do with Tailwind? Well, joining Tailwind Tribes.

Tribes are the most fantastic invention of all time, after the wheel 🙂 It function like a group where people from the same niche with you and with ( maybe ) the same interests will repin your pins. In order to make it work for you, you must also repin the other’s pins ( be sure to repin them to relevant boards of yours ). In this way will get thousands of Unique Visitors from Pinterest and grow your website ( and your budget ).

The Tailwind App costs about $9/mo ( if you buy for 1 year ), or $15/mo ( if you buy only for 1 month – and here you will have some restrictions ). I assure you that Tailwind App it’s worth every cent. Some of you will ask: Ok, but what is the difference between the Tailwind App and other apps, like Ja… ? Well, Tailwind is official partner with Pinterest, so your account will be safe. To get the Tailwind App, click on the image below.

Proud Member of

Proud Member of Tailwind


That’s it! I’ve revealed all the Pinterest process through I’ve got huge amount of Pinterest traffic. Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest account:

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