How Do I Fix Bathtub That Has Already Been Refinished?
How Do I Fix Bathtub That Has Already Been Refinished?

What do you do when you’ve refinished your bathtub, only to have it start to start flaking and peeling again?  A reader wrote to me saying

I had Permaglaze redo my bathtub about 16 years ago and it was the biggest remodeling mistake I ever made…About two years later it started to flake off in the corners…. I have been looking at this ugly tub ever since. If you have any suggestions on how I can repair this on my own I would be happy to try anything. I have used touch up paint meant to repair appliance nicks and that has helped somewhat, but it isn’t meant for that use and doesn’t stay on very long.

Even though the Permaglaze contractor may not have expressly guaranteed that his bathtub fix would last “X” number of years, most homeowners will go on the assumption that bathtub finisher is doing good work which will last more than only 2 years.

In most other cases, I would recommend that you investigate bathtub refinishing. But since you have already done that, the surface of your tub is compromised for further coats of refinishing paint.

How Do I Fix Bathtub That Has Already Been Refinished?
How Do I Fix Bathtub That Has Already Been Refinished?

After all, that’s all it is: painting. Mind you, it’s painting done by trained and experienced professionals (except in the case of the guy who did your tub, apparently), so it does have its merits. But coat upon coat of paint really won’t work very well.


  1. Continue to Fix Your Bathtub. Based on what you say, you’ve been doing this for 16 years and are pretty well sick of it. So, I doubt this is an option.
  2. Refinish Bathtub Again. Even though you don’t have a great surface for a second coat of finish, I think that a good refinisher could help you eke out a couple more years from the bathtub.
  3. Install a Bathtub Liner. A bathtub liner slips right into your tub, covering up all of that bad paint and other ick. This is more expensive than refinishing, yet cheaper than a completely new bathtub.

I highly recommend the following Bathroom Refinishing Kit. It deserves any cent of it’s price and the shipping time is pretty fast. It also comes with a really cool video tutorial, so your bathroom refinish process will be made very proper. Your bathroom will looks like a new one: