A Hearth Adds Substance To Your Fireplace

A Hearth Adds Substance To Your Fireplace

There are many fireplace models and accessories to make our room not only warmed during the winter months, but also beautiful. A moderate flame during a chilly night is very inviting and soothing, which is why the picture of families gathered round the fire is a very cozy one indeed.

A fireplace in a home is so important that we put extra attention to its maintenance as well as its look. We put in many kinds of accessories to make the fireplace look even more pleasant, matching it with the home décor, paint and furniture. However, one element that we often overlook is the hearth, which in essence contributes a lot to the attractiveness of our fireplace setting.

When we think of hearth, we easily picture a period kind of fireplace, using bricks and mortars. A hearth is not just an ancient adornment, but a very important element even in modernized fireplaces.

If you already have a hearth and you want to make it appear more modern, you need to consider a few important things to choose the right treatment to your hearth. You need to plan the material that you will be using as well as the configuration and proportion. A well-designed hearth will be able to offer a good structural elements, not to mention add to its prominence. You can use your hearth to enhance your home décor by providing a color highlight or a good color contrast. It also allows you to add texture into your overall decorating theme.

Hearths that use polished stones are assuredly very elegant and classy especially when you mix it with matching or contrasting stone trimmings. Its aesthetic contribution is very obvious with a classic room or perhaps a modern minimalist fireplace.

You can achieve a striking effect by applying a finish. You can choose from a polished, honed, shot-blast or natural, depending on the look that you are aiming for your fireplace. The new design fireboxes that are “hole in the wall” can appear to have an additional dimension and gives off a stunning image when you employ a floating stone hearth.

There are many fireplace stores that can offer you a wide array of stone materials. You can choose a marble, limestone, granite and agglomerate, which can all be coated with a finish as well as designed to a specific look or measure depending on your plan.

If you want the traditional look like they do in the old days, there are ceramic tiles available, which would be great for your hearth. There are stores specializing in vintage fireplaces. They can give you the correct fireplace for very period you want to replicate. This is easily accomplished using heritage colors of the bygone days as well as the translucent glazes. You can even select form their extensive display of decorative feature tiles and tubeline motifs that are hand-coated with a finish. For that extra mile in beautifying your hearth, you can use matching tiles for the side walls of fascias or perhaps on the inserts.

Knowing The Type Of Fireplace Logs For Your Hearth

To enjoy our warm hearth, we need to be particular about our choice of fireplace logs. There is a few tips to remember in buying one so that you may fully enjoy your fireplace. Fairly recently, recycled products have been used to create fake fireplace logs. These environment-friendly logs are made from a mixture of agricultural biomass and wood fiber. They release lesser pollutants than your ordinary wood logs.

Before you purchase your fireplace logs, measure first your fireplace area. When you go to the store, you will be surprised at the variety of kinds and sizes of fireplace logs. So that you will not be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task at hand, be ready with your measurements and find one that fits your fireplace.

It is always wiser to make your research first. You only need to do an online check and comparison of various manufacturers of fire logs. Pay attention to the feedbacks from customers, this will give you an idea of their quality. You need to find one of good quality meaning it will burn longer. This will save you the inconvenience of refilling your fireplace every now and then,

If you have a gas fireplace, know which of the two types is yours. There is one without a vent while the other is complete with a ventilation system. These two types need different kinds of fireplace logs. It is imperative that you purchase the right one because failing to do so might damage your fireplace or present a hazard to your health. Hence, it is very important that you know the kind of fuel that your fireplace needs. You cannot put a wood log on a gas fireplace. A good alternative for your gas fireplace is to buy a gas log kit. These packages have logs that come with many accessories, such as, burners, grates, gas connectors, embers and damper clamp.

If you are still in doubt, you can always visit a specific fireplace website and write your questions there. It pays to play it safe rather than take risks when it comes to your family’s welfare.

Enjoying The Warmth and Beauty of A Wall Fireplace


We are all drawn to a beautiful fireplace for we readily associate the crackling of the logs, the smell of burning wood, the flickering tongue of the flame and the warmth of a burning hearth to comfort and bliss. This is more stressed during the holidays when children still believes that Santa likes to slide down the chimney to deliver the Christmas presents. This is why the fireplace mantel is usually adorned with stockings and the hearth is the place to sip on some warm eggnogs. Yet despite our love for the chimney fireplace, many homeowners are now investing in some modern fireplaces that use gas, electricity or gel as fuel. Wood is no longer heavily preferred because people nowadays value convenience and efficiency above all others. This is why the fireplace that we have come to love is now transformed to something digital meaning one that can be operated by remote control and the kind that can be easily installed just about anywhere like the popular wall fireplace.

Innovations in technology have revolutionized our heating system minus the hassle that is often associated with traditional fires. Gone is the soot and ashes to clean or firewood to chop as of old. However some homeowners still use a wood-burning fireplace especially for places where there is no access to a gas line. Nowadays, many are opting to mount wall fireplaces instead because of its versatility and easy installation. You can now have a fireplace for your bedroom or your study by just finding a suitable wall to place your modern wall fireplace.

Another advantage in choosing a wall fireplace is that it easily acts as a decorative fireplace, which enhances the aesthetics of your interiors. This kind of fireplace is often mounted higher than the usual masonry fireplace and would easily call attention. In fact, many home decorators are using this fireplace as a focal point of their design. There is an extensive array of beautifully designed wall fireplaces. Some can create the illusion of being embedded deeply into the wall while others can use a variety of really elegant materials like glass. For sure, even the most picky customer would readily find one that suits his or her taste.

For added ease in operating and maintaining an efficient heating system, you can choose between electricity or gel as fuel. Just because your fireplace is modern, it does not mean that you no longer have the soothing ambiance that a typical fireplace provides. In truth, the gel fueled fireplace can offer customers the same crackling effect although the logs are just replicas and not really made of wood. In addition, the wall fireplace that burns gel fuel is considered as one of the safest since there are no fumes produced that you could inhale. It is one fireplace that might be the best option for people who are very particular about their health.

However if you are really after convenience, then you may choose an electrically powered wall fireplace. The clear advantage in this kind o fireplace is that you can put it anywhere where a standard outlet is available. There is also the fact that you do not need to tend to the fire for the fireplace pretty much keeps everything going on its own. With just a remote control in your hand, you can adjust the degree of heating while lounging on a couch or on your bed.