Decorating With Bathroom Tile Designs

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Decorating With Bathroom Tile Designs
Decorating With Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom tile designs are becoming one of the top sources for decorating. Many people are stripping their ancient wallpaper and putting away their paint cans in return for a more modern approach with tile. It is easy to clean, updated, and easy DIY project.

Choosing The Color of the Bathroom Tile

While planning the tile designs of your bathroom, the color is a very important aspect of decorating because it can set the mood for the room, as well as create a specific illusion of space depending on the hue. Neutral tones are great for a bathroom because it allows you to change up your color scheme with towels and decor much easier. Many stores will allow you to take home sample tile to see how it will look in the room. Evaluate the tile samples during the daylight and during nighttime to ensure that you are happy with the results when it is permanent.

Types Of Bathroom Tile

Ceramic is considered to be the most functional and versatile option in bathrooms. The tiles come in all types of sizes, colors, and designs to help create an overall atmosphere that you are wanting to achieve. Many of the ceramic tiles are a matte finish, but you can also find them in a glossy finish. Picture tiles with painted designs on the base are typically ceramic. They are great for a border design around the walls and as a backsplash over the sink.

Glass tiles are more expensive, but are very popular due to the unique and edgy qualities. Glass is also easy to clean and versatile like ceramic. It complements well with silver and metal accents around the room as well. Many homeowners are choosing a mosaic design in their bathrooms, using the small glass tiles mixed with the ceramic to create an interesting theme. Some companies are also offering stainless steel tiles to incorporate in with the glass and ceramic.

Bathroom Tile Techniques And Illusions

If you are trying to decide how much time you want in your bathroom, it is usually best to place the tile where there will be a considerable amount of contact with water. Areas surrounding the sink, bath, and shower enclosures, as well as the floor, are the most common areas.

There are several different ways that you can create an illusion with tile. To help your room appear larger, then you will want to lay larger tiles at a diagonal. The reason being that smaller tiles will draw the room in and the eye as well. If your bathroom is small, and this is your main concern, then avoid tiles that are too busy or ones that have too many prints. Solid colors are best in this case and neutral colors are great at making a room appear larger.