Ceramic Tile Patterns For Floors

Ceramic Tile Patterns

For Floors


Ceramic Tile Patterns For Floors: Ceramic tiles have come a long way. Earlier, ceramic tile patterns meant the standard square tiles. Fast forward now, ceramic tile patterns are complex, creative and available in almost every color or shade out there. There are various pattern styles available and it is also possible to cut the ceramic tile in any shape you want.

Ceramic tile patterns for floors have a way of making people perceive your house in a unique way. Earlier when people decided to renovate their homes they hired an interior designer to choose the ceramic tile pattern, size and layout.

But now-a-days, people have realized the true value of choosing the pattern on their own which is to express themselves through the tile patterns.

Ceramic tiles are durable, require almost no maintenance and prevent moisture. They also come with large variety of ceramic tile patterns. You can also create your own patterns if you wish. The floor, if done correctly can give your interior space character and depth. Let’s take a look at some types of ceramic tile patterns for floor that you could choose from.

Types of Ceramic Tile Patterns For Floors

Grid: The grid pattern resembles the grid-work just like that of a graph paper. This is the most basic of all the ceramic tile patterns for floors. It involves similarly shaped square or rectangle tiles with a linear arrangement, vertically and horizontally.

Checkboard: Like a chess checkboard, this ceramic tile pattern for floors uses two different colors, one darker than the other. The colors are arranged in an alternating fashion. Also, a third color, that has a shade in-between the colors of the main two tile colors can be added depending on what kind of look or mood you want to give to your flooring.

Random: Random is one of the ceramic tile patterns for floors that would expel any kind of monotony as it consists of random pattern on tiles of different shape and sizes. They can be anything from small squares and rectangles to squares and rectangles with varying widths and lengths.

Multi-Tile Pattern: If you like the idea of having different sized shapes on your floor as with random style pattern but you wish for more regularity or order, then you can consider using the multi-tile ceramic tile patterns for floors. It consists of two or three different type of ceramic tiles arranged in an order or pattern and the same pattern is repeated across the floor thus giving a sense of regularity.

Diamond: If you are not a fan of linear grout lines, then this is the ceramic tile pattern for floors you should consider. This pattern is also known as diagonal coarse. It involves ceramic tiles that are adjusted in a 45-degree angle throughout the floor. It consists of diagonal grout lines instead of linear.

Mosaic: If you would like to express yourself through your flooring style, then this is the type of ceramic tile pattern you should go for. A mosaic consists of small colored materials that are fitted together to create an image or a pattern. Mosaic floor can be custom designed by laying down the different colored tiles into your own design or a pre-made design such as sun, a flower and other such images.

The latest addition to the ceramic tile patterns for floors is the tiles that contain actual fossils that have been formed in the stone over the ages. As you would have guessed, they are costly but the presence of fossils makes each and every ceramic tile unique in their own way.

These types of tiles are an art form in their own way. If you are an art fan, art collector then this would be a great way to expand your art collection.

If you are on a limited budget then the first thing you should do is to set a budget for per square foot of the tile. They range anywhere from $1.00 to $20.00 depending on the complexity of the ceramic tile pattern and the cost involved in making it.

If you are on a low budget and want to go for higher priced tiles then check with your local distributors as they have clearance rooms. You might be able to get ceramic tile patterns for floors at a discounted rate. These tile patterns are usually complex and of solid quality that have been discontinued or overstocked.