Fireplaces Inserts

Introduction to Fireplace Inserts

Every home needs a fireplace for that ideal family time or a romantic cuddle, where the home fireplace provides equal warmth to our spirits. Fireplace inserts are the perfect heating solution to every home so if you need one, this site will surely meet your fireplace installation needs.

Why you should buy a fireplace?

Fireplaces are so important that it is a necessary amenity in every home. Homes with great fireplaces have higher market value. Many home buyers are looking for fireplaces and those homes that still have none, we can certainly fix that problem and have your fireplace installed easily.

Fireplaces serve many purposes, first on the list is for heating especially on those cold winter days. Aside from the more common indoor types, there is also a fireplace for outdoor areas like the corner of your lawn, where you can cook and grill. Many people consider a fireplace as an aesthetic piece to complement that perfect living room.

By its inviting fire, the family could gather for amusement and entertainment. The fireplace mantel is often the focal point of a house’s interior decor especially during the holidays, where Christmas stockings lined its length.


Electric Fireplace Insert vs. Natural Gas Fireplace Insert

There are various designs to choose from that better suit your style, your home or your needs. Advancement in technology has produced modern fireplaces, a far cry from the wood-burning designs of the past. These new models are very efficient and eco-friendly. Nowadays, natural gas fireplaces are the most widely used because they are convenient and practical.

Electric fireplaces are also a popular choice. Electric and Gas fireplaces are ideally suited to persons with health concerns and residing in urban places where chopping wood is not an option. Wood burning fireplaces, on the other hand, are for countryside dwellers where there is no access to natural gas and dry wood is in abundance.

Convert a Natural Fireplace into a Electric Fireplace?

However, if you wish to convert your wood-burning fireplaces into a gas one, you will need gas inserts. This gas insert is made of a gas chamber encapsulated in iron or steel. Some designs make it look like real logs in your fireplace.

There are two kinds of inserts that you may select. A direct vent employs enclosed combustion, making it the perfect heating solution for your home without affecting the air quality inside the room.

Simply put, it prevents heat from escaping outside, typical of your regular chimney fireplace. The other insert is the natural vent, which uses your masonry chimney or any pre-cast chimney by maximizing the indoor air for combustion and directing the smoke outside of the house through a liner along with the chimney.

These gas fireplaces are so in demand is due to the many benefits it brings. Heating can be localized, reducing your heating bills, no messy cleaning up of stubborn soot, can be remotely controlled, and more environment-friendly because it burns clean.

You may also have a fireplace door installed, to protect your homes from fire caused by flying sparks or loose embers. Besides, these doors come in many designs that add attractiveness to your homes. Though there are lightweight fireplace models that may be installed by any handy individual, hiring a professional company will give you the security that the installation is done conforming to safety standards.

Poorly installed fireplaces are a hazard not only to your health but also to your valuable property. Furthermore, gas fireplace installation can be complicated requiring permits and paperwork, which can be handled by our company for your added convenience.


Find The Best and Modern Fireplace To Suit Your Varying Needs

Many types of fireplaces will suit every need and budget. Even the smallest home will be comfortably heated by new and innovative fireplace designs that have been improved to meet varying preferences. No doubt, having a fireplace will greatly enhance your home whether it is indoors or outdoors.

If you are in the habit of entertaining guests, then it would be wise to invest in a fireplace that will keep your friends warm during the bitter cold season. The beautiful flame of a fully functional fireplace is also known for the cozy ambiance it provides, fitting for those intimate moments with your special someone.

Common Types of Fireplaces

If this is your first time to buy a fireplace, then it is best to know the more common types of fireplaces to help you make a good choice. Gas fireplaces are now very popular because it is very convenient since you only need to plug it in your gas line. You can install this kind of fireplace anywhere especially to enhance your interior design.

Moreover, gas fireplaces look not unlike the fire of traditional fireplaces. It sports a ceramic log that looks like the real thing for that realistic-looking flame. There are three kinds of gas fireplaces, which are the ventless, direct vent and top vent.

The ventless fireplace as its name implies do not require any type of vent or chimney. Thus, there is no need to spend on constructing a chimney since you can install a ventless gas fireplace easily. To make sure the level of Oxygen is not compromised, the fireplace comes with a sensor that detects the oxygen amount indoors, making it safe to use.

On the other hand, the direct vent gas fireplace uses two pipes, one for air combustion and the other as a vent to direct the exhaust gases outside. The top vent is the kind that you can install directly on your existing fireplace with a chimney, which will be used to exhaust the gas as indoor air is typically used for combustion.

Many homeowners do attest that a gas fireplace makes up a good choice as it is very easy to maintain minus cleaning the soot and ash. It is more environmentally friendly because it does not burn solid fuel and produce smoke. Also, even with a power blackout, you can still get warmth with a running gas fireplace.

Prefab Fireplace: A new opportunity

Another kind of popular fireplaces today are the prefabricated fireplaces (prefab fireplace) that are readily installed in your walls with wood frames for support and enhancement.

These fireplaces are often made with a metal shell and its firebox is typically surrounded with bricks. These are also called as zero clearance fireplaces because it is highly insulated, meaning you can place them within one inch of materials that may easily combust. Moreover, the materials used are incredibly light and it is energy efficient as compared to your masonry fireplaces.

Builders and homeowners alike prefer this kind of fireplace because they come in very radiant or heat-circulating features.

When it comes to efficiency, masonry fireplaces can reach as much as 85%. They can produce intense heat in just a matter of minutes. This heat is then stored in the masonry, which will be distributed slowly throughout the day.

For easy installation on an existing chimney, fireplace inserts are the popular choice since they are smaller hence easier to fit. For more choices, it is best to make your research first to make an informed and careful decision.

As a wise consumer, know more about the product before your purchase so that you will not waste your time and money in the process. Fireplaces are great once you chose one that suits your needs as well as match your decor.

Addressing the Safety Concerns Regarding Classic Fireplaces

Classic fireplaces employ the simplest fireplace designs where the hearth is completely open with no fireplace screens, fireplace doors or any fireplace accessories we know today. The modern fireplaces have come a long way from the older fireplaces, but the latter still have their appeal for some homeowners.
There are some people who buy older homes and wish to retain the antique fireplaces inside. They only add a few alterations to make the fireplace safe to use.
Wood burning fireplaces can send shards of burning wood across the room 6 feet away. So make sure you put in a fireplace screen to keep the embers contained. However, adding a modern element to an antique fireplace seems inappropriate. The reason behind keeping the old hearth is for its connection to the past. Perhaps the best way to make sure your Victorian fireplaces are intact is by investing in glass doors.
Fireplace doors made of glass seemed hardly noticeable especially when the fireplace is unlit. In addition, there is something so elegant with glass that match the natural beauty of your classic fireplaces. The best thing about glass doors is that you get protection as well as a means to prevent your home from overheating.
Some people are just entranced by the flickering flame that they wish to just watch it with its heating a secondary feature.Investing in glass doors can allow you to enjoy the flame while not being too exposed to the heating it emits.
For those cold winter days, you may need the heating more than the visual delight. In such times, you can open the glass door at the start but make sure that no sparks are building up. Once the room gets hot enough, close the door and the excess heating will go up the chimney.

Classic fireplaces will be able to maintain its appeal as well as its heating provision with glass doors


After all, your safety is the primary consideration. A beautiful fireplace design employs safety first before its aesthetic value. You can easily find a fireplace door made of glass to fit your old fireplace.You can buy a fireplace glass door in online sites or in fireplace stores. They come in all shapes and sizes that will easily fit a standard sized fireplace.
There are variations in how they are trimmed as well as on how the door opens to give you more options. You can add vents to enable you to control the heat especially when the door is closed. These many options will make your fireplace purchase a lot of fun. Just because you have an old hearth, you are restricted n making it more attractive and safe.