Bathroom Tile Patterns
Bathroom Tile Patterns

Bathroom Tile Patterns

Choosing the right type of pattern tile for your bathroom is important, as this can make or break the layout of this room. We understand that busy patterns clutter up this small space, while choosing a bathroom with yellow and brown tile may send out the wrong message. Yet there are far more decisions you’ll have to make when choosing the right pattern tile to give your bathroom the clean and spacious look it deserves.

There are many beautiful patterns available, but always remember how the tiles will look in a bathroom setting, on the floor, and next to one another. To create an open and spacious atmosphere, stick to tiles that are large in size, light in color, and simple in design.

White, beige, and pastels are great choices, along with simple shapes, such as diamonds or squares. If you want to add a splash of color, there are ways to do this without cluttering up the look of your bathroom.

Opt for a small quantity of patterned tile and place them randomly on the floor, accented by your light and simple tiles.

You will also find that when shopping for patterned bathroom tile, there are many designs available. A popular style includes one tile patterns, which have the same patterns throughout. For example, the checkerboard design has the same sized squares throughout the tile in one or two different colors.

There are also two, three, and multiple tile patterns which include a variety of shapes and patterns on one tile. In addition to the design of the tile, there are also different layouts. A two tile pattern may place the boxes on a diagonal or be laid out like bricks.

One of the unique aspects to bathroom tile patterns is that they incorporate different blends of colors to achieve a uniform and professional look. For example, some patterns blend together natural stone colors so that the tile appears rugged, while other patterns will add in a tiny square of a bright color. Working with different patterns also allows you to use simple tiles for the flooring of your bathroom, while using patterned tiles for a border or ceiling.

Besides the highly popular ceramic patterns, you can also opt for stone or mosaic tiles that are equally durable and beautiful.

No matter which type of bathroom tile pattern you choose, remember that you don’t have to stick to just one. Knowing how to pair together different types of tile is how people come up with unique, yet tasteful ways to create the bathroom of their dreams.