Bathroom Tile Design Ideas - Revamping Bathroom Tile Is Easier Done Than Said
Bathroom Tile Design Ideas - Revamping Bathroom Tile Is Easier Done Than Said

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas – Revamping Bathroom Tile Is Easier Done Than Said

It has happened to all of us. We buy the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood and we move in and then it hits us. The people who owned this house had awful taste. Most people leave the walls painted the neutral eggshell ivory that they were when they bought the house and live with the ubiquitous beige carpet. You, on the other hand, immediately make plans to paper the walls, recarpet the floors and make a note to self to do something about that half bath in the hall because it’s so very dark in there, despite being painted white. But what in the world can you do with a stark white bathroom?

Give the illusion of space with tile painted with tiny flowers. Light can be reflected with a textured tile containing tiny silver droplets, like the silver insides of a snowglobe. For a classic feel, try tile done in a marble effect. Feeling whimsical? Try bathroom tile containing a cartoon character. Tile designs exist with a theme, like fruits or farms, for that homey feeling. Give it a nature theme with cool blues on the walls and warm green tiles on the floor.

The shapes you use to make a bathroom tile design can create a mood from a Roman mosaic to a geometric design. These can be effected using tile in warm colors and marbled textures, for instance. A lovely setting around your garden tub with tall grasses surrounding a pool set in stones can be configured using painted tiles and textured tiles around the tub.

For children, tile design doesn’t register with them unless it has something to do with Barbie or Tonka trucks. These can be painted or applied with decals if the existing tile designs don’t encompass specific subjects. Otherwise, sunny yellows and warm greens and cool blues tend to satisfy a child’s aesthetic needs.

When the existing design choices don’t answer your needs and you’re looking to do it yourself, there are varied resources to choose from. Looking in departments other than bathroom tile can yield materials, color schemes, textures and ideas to help you redesign your bathroom tile. Such as the Hello Kitty rage for a little girl’s bathroom tile design or GI Joe for a boy’s design. Do you have a hobby? Love music? Use it as a bathroom tile design and make your new home inviting and beautiful.