bathroom remodel price 2019

How much will your bathroom remodel will cost in 2019

Well, good people. Here we are at the summit of our bathroom remodeling budget series

This is the big one; ten large!

There have been a few ways to look at this series. One is the idea of approaching a slow transition for a project, setting the stage to be comfortable with in the present, while dreaming of future transformations. Another way to look at this series is the idea of saving up your shekels for a really big change all at once.

Either way, many of the same principles have been at work; making a space comfortable according to your needs, and not by some rulebook, or even by these graphics we’ve painstakingly created! That’s what this series has been all about.

And so what is our graphical scenario for this level of remodel-hood? Well, take a look.

Bathroom Remodel Price 2019
Bathroom Remodel Price 2019

We recommend the following products:

1. GenieBidet Seat – Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles – $$$


2. Energy Efficient Toilet – $$$


3. Stone Accent Bathroom Tile – $$


4. Natural Stone Tile Shower – $$$

5. Bathroom Ceiling Heater – $$$ / $$

6. Flat Screen Television – $$$


7. Jacuzzi Corner Tub – $$$$


8. Bathroom Vanity Combo, Modern Design Wall Mounted Vanity Set with Terpered Glass Sink Top & Chrome Faucet – $$$


9. Natural Stone Tile – $$

10. Heated Floors – $$$


With Our Recommendations, You Save $$$$


Achieving look with technology

This aspect of things has been constant almost through out. Comfort and look as enabled by technology like radiant heat underneath travertine tile flooring is a great example. But as far as pure design goes, we can talk about remodeling all day long in whatever style or tradition, material, or texture. But the real balance to be struck is always about balancing look with function, with what is practical.

And even more to the point, designs have to answer the question of what makes sense for the values of the people who live in a space, in the times in which they are living. That’s why technology plays such an important part in all of this, with low flow toilets, water-saving shower heads and smart fixtures. And luckily, these kinds of things are designed to fit into a number of design directions. Because that’s another thing a 21st century property owner is looking for; flexibility.

No rules other than you’re own

Really, this is the biggest takeaway from this chapter of the series, and the series as a whole. It’s your space. And thanks to the aforementioned technology and the age in which you’re living, you’ve got a whole library of human experience to draw from – the Internet! It’s easy to do some research on ways to shape a vision for a bathroom remodel. And it’s easy to take those ideas and shape them in turn to create a space that perhaps you didn’t know you could have, but always wanted.

That’s the game. We are a species that is born to create. We’re driven to it. And now in this era of information, we can at least plan on it even if we don’t have ten big ones to spend.

Because when it comes to the imagination, there is no budget.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. Feel free to tell us your own stories in the comments section. Who knows? Maybe one of your stories will inspire other stories in turn for someone else.

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