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Bathroom Remodel Under $10k

How much will your bathroom remodel will cost in 2020

Bathroom Guide for 2020 

 Small Bathroom Remodel Budget Under $10k 

We kept it very low.

There have been a few ways to look at this series. One is the idea of approaching a slow transition for a project, setting the stage to be comfortable within the present, while dreaming of future transformations. Another way to look at this series is the idea of saving up your shekels for a really big change all at once.

Either way, many of the same principles have been at work; making a space comfortable according to your needs, and not by some rulebook, or even by these graphics we’ve painstakingly created! That’s what this series has been all about.

And so what is our graphical scenario for this level of remodel-hood? Well, take a look.

We recommend the following products:

Small Bathroom Idea - Just for your inspiration

So, it begins:

1. Floor 

We will begin with the bathroom floor. This ceramic floor tile has a luxurious aspect and it is also very resistant. The classic combination of the black and the white colors is great, even for your small bathroom. I think you will like the following product:

2. Toilet

Also called “The Facebook Chair”, the toilet is the place where you spend – let’s say, the most intimate moments. We will recommend this product:

3. Wall Cabinet

Very important bathroom furniture, this is the place where you can store your very personal things. This laminate wall cabinet comes with a nice aspect and it will fit 100% with any bathroom decor.

4. Mirror

Also a very important bathroom item, the bathroom mirror represents the most “watched” bathroom spot. Another big advantage of the bathroom mirror is that it can make your small bathroom looks bigger. We recommend this bathroom framed mirror for the wall. The oil rubbed bronze look will improve your bathroom aspect.

5. Lighting

Without light, it will be a little creepy to go inside the bathroom. For the bathroom lighting ceiling, we recommend the following item. Of course, the aspect of the light decoration is also important for your bathroom decor, so take a look below:

6. Vanity

To complete the general decor, we also need a beautiful bathroom vanity especially created for small bathrooms. We try to maintain the color combination, so we will recommend this solid wood frame white bathroom vanity. It also comes with an integrated ceramic sink, so you just have to mount it into your bathroom.

7. Towel Hook Rack

This wall-mountable coat rack is also a very important item of your bathroom decor. It comes in various colors and it is very resistant.

8. Walls

We keep it simple: We recommend the following stick and peel white wallpaper. It gives the look of a bathroom wood wall. And it’s very resistant!

With our recommendations, you save good $$$$

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