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Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

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Angel Christmas Tree Toppers
Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

Angel Christmas Tree Toppers are traditional.

I love the traditional Angel on the top of any Christmas Tree! Nowadays, the go beyond the angels of my childhood, to beautifully glowing modern gifts of awe! The topper is the crowning glory of the tree — what better than an angel?

Thanks to modern technology, we now have Angel tree toppers that are lit up to glow at the top of the tree. There are florescent angel tree toppers that glow in the dark saving on energy.

There are also fiber optic Angel tree toppers– with the ability to spread different vibrant colors.. just beautiful!



Think of what you really want, and search — I bet it’s out there waiting for you!

Then again, if you are creative, you can try your hand at a Handcrafted Angel!

Angel Christmas Tree Toppers patterns

I like to print patterns but customize them myself. You can easily make it differently, as long as you have the angel pattern to guide you! Use your imagination!

Did you know about this Barbie Angel Tree Topper? You might fashion your own Barbie, simply dressed as your Angel Topper! Simplicity at it’s best!

In a pinch, for a frugal Angel Topper, try this! This simple Angel Tree Topper could be the perfect Kids Craft for the Holidays! Just imagine how proud they will be to see their creation gracing your tree!

Angel Christmas Tree Topper Use a dishsoap bottle, glue a foam ball to the top of the bottle and make a cute face. Now you needs some hair – glue on yarn or any other materials (food color dyed cotton balls, silk flowers, paper “curls”).

You can use coat hangers to make the wings or buy some easier-to-bend wire from a bead shop.. the latter would make beautiful wings (even with a few beads added here and there). The beads could even be the cheap plastic ones kids play with, but spray painted silver and gold!

Finally, your angel needs a dress… cover her in a paper mache dress or some fabric, draped artfully, down her lil angel body. The fabric can be a great angel fabric OR any old fabric to make the graceful looking gown — the paint over it to hide the purple plaid material underneath! Grin !

Finally, you can spray paint as you go, part by part, or spray the entire Angel all at once, in the end. You can make her white and gold, or all silver, or whatever you like!

All in all, whatever angel Christmas tree topper you choose, do not go with fashion alone – take your time and look for something that is a reflection of who you are as an individual and display it proudly for many Christmas Seasons!

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