An easy do it yourself project for the weekend – Stacked Stone Panels

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An easy do it yourself project for the weekend – Stacked Stone Panels
An easy do it yourself project for the weekend – Stacked Stone Panels
$210.77 $239.88

Stacked Stone Panels

An easy do it yourself project for the weekend


Stacked Stone Panels: So often, there are large scale projects that need to be done around the house, but we never get to them because they seem overwhelming or just too expensive to be done on our own. That can cause discouragement, and lead to a decision to not take on any do it yourself projects around the house, just assuming that we can’t do them well or that we won’t be successful if we try our hand at updating the house on our own.

But there is a long list of really easy and inexpensive projects that can be done in a day or a weekend, and that can add serious punch to the look and feel of your home. There are things that you can do that are not expensive or difficult, and that will make your home look and feel more expensive or more custom. This is a positive benefit for any home owner who wants to try their hand at increasing the value of their home and making the interior more of their own.

One of these projects is installing stacked stone panels around your home, interior or exterior. They are relatively inexpensive, and can be purchased at any of the hard ware stores that you find around town, including the big box stores and several online retailers. Stacked stone panels are easy to adhere to any surface, and once installed make the surface look as though it were solid stone. One particular easy and cheap example is a kitchen island.

This is a small area when it comes to square footage of the walls, but it is very visually helpful for the kitchen because all eyes notice the kitchen island upon entering the kitchen. The best way to update the kitchen island is to install stacked stone panels around the walls, or even just the one or two walls that face away from the stove and sink area.

The stacked stone panels are not heavy, they are thin and made to look as though they were full pieces of stone, such as flag stone or brick. But they are not actually those stones, and so are not as heavy as those stone. They are easy to affix to the wall, and once installed appear to be a stack of stone. For a simply and cost effective do it yourself project over the weekend, measure the wall of your kitchen island.

Take the measurements to a retailer where you can purchase the stone panels, and pick out the color, look, and feel of the stone that you want. Then purchase enough stacked stone panelsfor that square footage of space. Take them home, and lay them out in the pattern that you choose.

Cut the pieces that are too big for the space, peel off the adhesive layer on the back, and press them into the wall. Use a level to ensure that they are installed evenly, and make sure they are pressed firmly into the wall.

And that is all that is necessary to turn your kitchen island into a much more expensive looking island with stacked stone panels.

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