4 Ideas to Decorate the Fireplace Mantel Shelf

4 Ideas to Decorate the Fireplace Mantel Shelf

You are lucky enough when most of your friends live in simple apartments to have the luxury of enjoying a beautiful fireplace.

If your house has classic architectural details, it is very likely that your fireplace has a terrace ( also known as Fireplace Mantel Shelf ) . This terrace can serve to leave over your mail or some glasses during a party. But you can do a lot more and decorate it in a way that will really make the difference. See below 4 ideas to help you create a fireplace that will be at the heart of your decoration. 

1. Create an art gallery

Instead of hanging up a single painting over the fireplace, why not use your terrace to expose your paintings? Put the largest work in the center and then add the rest to the right and left. Some ornaments will give depth and contrast.

2. Play with the ultimate symmetry

To create a view that will be particularly pleasant to the eye, play with symmetry and place the ornaments in a mirror-like way. An easy way to do it is to place in the center a large object and to place other objects around it in absolute symmetry. These items can be from simple decorative to lamps and candles.


3. Put your collections

Decorate the Fireplace Mantel Shelf with your family and friends’s memories. Put your collections – If you have any collection, then the terrace over the fireplace is the perfect spot to expose it. Prefer a variety of shapes and colors to create a flowing feel.


4. Create an artistic corner

Combine items such as books, frames and decorative objects and create a varied artistic corner that will draw looks. The more specific the items, the more beautiful your corner will become. Do not forget to put a plant or some flowers to complete the composition.