Stacked Stone Wall

The stacked stone pattern is still one of the most favorites for people to use as their interior or exterior design. The design is liked by a lot of people mostly because of the fact that it gives off the atmosphere and the feelings of being in nature, so it would always make the people who are surrounded by the architecture feel refreshed. Another reason is that it very appealing from the aesthetic view.You can find a lot of buildings like hotels, office, or homes that used it for their wall design.

On the internet lately, you can find many forums or websites that are talking about how to make your own stacked stone hatch. The interest is not going down though it has been many other architecture designs that are coming from time to time. The popularity is also always increasing by the fact that it always featured in many architecture-related blogs.


Interested in Building Your Own?

You might have thought about making building a home architecture design by yourself. Lately, it is once again becoming a trend to make or build everything by yourself, you can find a lot of things that seemed to be complicated and difficult turned out to be possible to make by following some steps on the internet. Since the internet has much information that you could get from, making your own stacked stone wall of course included among the sea of information with also a more simplified way to do it and easier and more efficient tools.

Building and constructing is never an easy job, but there are also some tips you could follow to make the job easier to understand and easier to do as well. Here are some highlight of what you need to take note when making your own stone wall:

  1. Foundation

When building a wall or a home, you must not forget that everything should start with a foundation. In making a stone wall design, you must not forget this point. If you want to have a full stone wall, you need to, at least, stack two or three layers of stone below the ground by digging the ground first. After that, you could continue it to the exposed part of the wall.


  1. Material

This is also one of the most important things to consider before deciding to build anything for a home. For the stone walls, the different material would also give different feelings and ambience to the interior or exterior. You could choose various materials for your stone walls according to your preference in aesthetics.


  1. Strength

You have to make sure that the wall you are building is strong and firm enough that it would not break or fall apart. If the foundation is strong, the next thing you could do is to make sure that you are stacking it the right way. Also, make sure that there is no blank space between the stacks that would make your stone wall easily break or fall apart. You can fill it with cement or some other materials to glue the stones together.


  1. Placing

If you considered the stone stacked veneer to be used for the interior of your building or home, you have to think about the place where it looks the best. You can get the inspiration by looking at a fireplace in a rather modern home. You could see that it highlights the area because the wall design is different from the rest of the building walls. You could, for example, build a stone wall in only a side of the area in your living room to place a TV over, it would make the atmosphere different as well as emphasizing the function of the room.


  1. Pattern and Design

The pattern of the wall usually differs for each person because it is based on preference. But you could actually make a beautiful and creative patterns make your walls look more beautiful and also one of a kind. Nowadays, there are a lot of stone wall designs that are more modernized by taking it to the next level of the building. Usually, stone wall designs are mostly flat, but you could also be more creative by arranging it in the way that it would look way more interesting. You could also find the way to do it by searching on the internet.


Modern Vs Classic

There are many different designs for stone walls depends on the preference for each people. Some like the classic stacked stone designs and some would prefer more on the modern designs. With the classic, the material used are often the rough-cut stones that are stacked to form a rougher surface. It makes the ambience feels like you are closer to nature. With the modern designs, it is mostly using the fine-cut stones with smoother surfaces, making the atmosphere relaxing but still bears the modern concept of minimalists and simplify.

If you are interested in building your own stone wall, you could actually do it more efficiently by shopping the material on the internet. There are a lot of websites that would provide you to get the best material for your stone wall and also many other interior or architecture related items. There are many options of which materials and what kind of cut you want to use for your favorite design. You could also purchase individual stacks or even a set of veneers.

One of the most famous online websites is Lowe’s. Usually, the stacked stone tiles Lowes offered are the best material and since they are specialized in interior and architecture design products, you do not have to worry about the quality. But if you want more alternative, you could also find various other websites that are similar to it with also many different choices for the materials that could be used. You could do a research on your online browser to find the best items, materials, and offers according to your preference.