How to Build Stacked Stone Decoration

If you like to decorate yourself in a classic and vintage way, you will find it attractive to have stacked stone decoration at your display. This stacked stone decoration will suit your fence, wall, fireplace or just an interior such as table and wall display. It is actually not hard to make this stacked stone decoration by yourself. Let’s take an example in building a stacked stone wall, here are 10 steps that you need to do:

Step 1: Plan Project and Prepare Materials

The first that you have to do in building stacked stone decoration is planning the project. This will include mapping out the design of the wall or fence or stairs that you want to build. After that, you have to calculate the budget that you might need. Stones’ price will differ based on the type, there is one stone that is more expensive and the other. In this planning phase you should be wise in managing your budget, otherwise you will have an over-budget problem that will lead into the incomplete project.

Another thing that you will need to do in planning project phase is preparing the tools and materials to build your very own stacked stone hatch for any kind of purpose. The example of the tools that you are going to need such as a rake, level, tape measure, hammer, damper, shovel and string level. While, the example of the materials that you are going to need such as gravel, premixed cement, fieldstone (we are going to use fieldstone in this project, but you are free to choose any kind of stones that you prefer) and granite slabs steps.

Step 2: Establish Stone Wall Face

After that, start the project by establishing the face of the wall by hammering a piece of rebar into the grounds of both ends. You might need to choose the length of the wall or the fence of the stacked stone first so that you do not lose the track when you are actually building the wall. Then, tie a piece of string very tightly into the two piece of rebar.

Step 3: Determine the Number of Steps

Then, you will need to determine the number of steps of the stacked stone veneer wall that you are going to make. An average step is approximately 6 steps inches in height. You have to use the tape measure to determine the distance between top-point of the completed wall down to the ground. Usually, the distance is 24 inches height which means there will be four slab steps.

Step 4: Prepare the First Step Footer

And then, mark the first step footer before you dig it. A neat style of working will help you a lot in saving your time and resulting in the beautiful stacked stone decoration. After marking the first footer, dig the first step into 6 inches. Prepare the premixed cement and after it is ready to pour the cement into the hold. Do not forget to smooth the top of the cement.

Step 5: Placing the First Step

Place the first granite step onto the footer. This will prevent the wall face will flush to the front. The top of the step should pitch forward slightly so that if it is raining, water will run off. Here is one advice for you, never attempt to lift a heavy stone, instead you can walk or flip it to the place.

Step 6: Complete the Steps

In this step, basically, you re-do the step 5. You just need to dig the second footer, pour the cement into the footer and smooth it with a rake. You will need to set the front of the second step on the back edge of the first step. Simply, you just need to do this until all the steps are completed.

Step 7: Prepare Wall Footer

After completing the steps, you have to dig a depth of 6 inches along the entire bottom of the stone. In order to do this, you have to use the string as a guide. For stacked stone tiles lows, the base of the wall or the fence should be as wide as the wall is tall. In this project, we are doing 24 inches high wall, so the footing should be at least 24 inches wide. You will have to use a hand or power tamper to level the base. Lastly to complete this step, add 3 inches of gravel and smooth it with hand or power tamper.

Step 8: Build the Wall

This is the most interesting step of all which is building the wall by setting cornerstones at either end of the wall and on both ends of the steps. Firstly, you need to start setting face the stones between the corner stones. Then, lay a tie-back stone with flat long and heavy every three or four feet to provide more stability. After that, all you need to do is laying corner and face stones to build up the wall until desired height is perfectly reached. You have to keep in mind to regularly check if the wall is plumb.

Step 9: Use Cap Stones

Here we go into the final step which is using capstones. Capstones are stones with a smooth top and flat face. Capstone is aesthetically important that these final stones fit together perfectly in a nice way to create a flat and smooth surface. In order to get a more secure top, some professionals advise you to set the capstones into a bed of premixed mortar.

Step 10: Complete the Project

When you building the wall, if you find unwanted stones, just need to toss all unwanted stone scraps behind the wall. You will have a very neat result as soon as the wall is complete, the unwanted stones will backfill behind the wall until the level of the capstones. Finish, this gravel with colored stone or mulch to suit the beautiful look of the stacked stone decoration.