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For some people, a house is just a place to go when they are done with their job in the office. Yet for me, a house is also a home where I find warmth and beauty inside it which means I always want it to be nice. I guess you will agree with me if I say it does not matter to spend money only on decorating the house and making it sweet, does it? When money is not a big deal, in this case, then what you need to think about is the idea of how to give a magic touch to one or two sides of your home so it looks awesome even for the guests who stop by. Among uncountable inspirations you may get from the internet, here let me suggest you this: a stacked stone wall. Never thought about it, have you?




A stacked stone wall is a great decoration—you can call it as an accessory too—especially for your garden or backyard, although you can have it in your fireplace as well, depending on your creativity and preference. There are some types of stones commonly used for it, such as flint, limestone, granite, and sandstone; they have their own characteristics thus you decide which one to pick up. One more thing, you also have another option for this which is stacked stone tiles Lowes you can find in Lowes, check the website for more information including stacked stone veneer.


Now, aren’t you curious why I am telling you to have this decoration in your beautiful home? Psst, this is a secret you can share to your friends if you want that a stone wall highlights the natural beauty of your garden, backyard, and even fireplace. You will not easily get bored with this accessory, believe me. And talking about durability, a stone wall is a champion that once you install it, it lasts almost a lifetime! Whether your child climbs it, the weather changes, the moisture raises, they do not break the strength nor the attraction of it. The most important thing is its affordability. Compared to other decoration, a wall stone is a lot more affordable as you can select the one that suits your pocket and build it by yourself. This is what I want to show you after this, the steps to build your stacked wall.


Stone adds a natural beauty to your home that is hard to beat. Stacked stone tile products can give homeowners all the aesthetics of stone at a fraction of the cost. Stone is a naturally beautiful material that adds a one-of-a-kind look wherever it’s used. People have been building with it for centuries, but let’s face it: it’s heavy! And today it is also one of the most expensive materials to build with.

The solution? A product called stacked stone tile; a thin, lightweight product that is either cut from raw material that is quarried or fabricated using painted cement.

The result is that homeowners can enjoy all the aesthetics of this natural material at a fraction of the cost, and without worrying about supporting the added weight.

First: Natural Stone Tile Vs. Stacked Stone Tile


First things first, let’s clear up the difference between a natural stone and a stacked stone tile product. Natural stone  is just that: natural rock that has been cut to around 1 inch thick and less than 15 pounds per square foot. The reason for these requirements is so that the structure does not need reinforcements to support the additional weight. A stacked stone tile, or manufactured, product is made by casting lightweight cement into molds that is then painted to resemble a specific type of material. Stacked Stone Tile products are lighter, less expensive and result in less waste, making them a more eco-friendly product.

Stacked Stone Tile Siding Panels On The Outside Of Your Home

Stone makes an impact, demands attention, and is generally associated with high-end luxury homes. It is possible to have your entire house sided in stacked stone tile siding panels, but be prepared for the price tag that comes with it! A more practical option that many homeowners choose is to use siding panels as accents; in entry ways, over arches or around columns and windows. This adds a beautiful architectural element to the house at a very affordable price. Best of all, this product can be installed directly over existing siding material.Other popular places outside include patios, outdoor kitchens and pool areas.

One of the most popular places you usually see stacked stone tiles siding inside the home is around the fireplace. Homeowners everywhere are ditching tile and wood surrounds to make their fireplaces the true centerpieces of the home. Other popular places inside include accent walls, kitchens and bathrooms. While it may seem cold, it actually adds an element of warmth and charm to the any decor.


Virtually Limitless Choices To Suit Your Style

Like with most other building materials, the choices are virtually limitless when it comes to choosing stacked stone tile. Both natural and fabricated products yield various shapes, sizes and even colors to choose from. When you’re ready to add natural beauty to your home, contact a reputable contractor for a free estimate.

They can help you decide whether a natural or fabricated product is right and how it can best be used to complement your home’s existing features.


So, are you ready to build your stone wall in your house? Let me share the steps that I got from some reliable sources:

Set up a plan
Yes, of course, you cannot do anything to build your own stone wall without planning your project. From what I know, it is better for you to firstly browse or create a stacked stone hatch so you have a clearer visualization of how the wall is going to be. It does not matter if you cannot make your own as you are able to get some inspirations from the Internet or magazines. Besides that, it is also important for you to plan how wide and long your stone wall will be to estimate the budgets and materials you need. Make sure the design is feasible with the location of the wall, too.
Select your stone


select your stacked stone tile

select your stacked stone tile

Now when you already have a planned project of your stone wall, it is the time to pick up the material. Yes, the stone. As I said before, there many types of stones available out there thus it is your decision which one(s) that will make your wall looks amazing. For your information, dry stack walls can be possibly made from three types of stones: round field, relatively flat stacking and uniformly cut dressed stones. Considering each has its own feel and look when attached in the wall, make sure to see the picture first. Ah, I nearly missed it, do not forget to bring your wall measurement as it will affect the quantity and the size of the stones you need.

Lay out the wall area and direction
You have already had everything you need to build your stone wall, so let’s start with the main job here. Before building it up, you need to lay out the wall area and direction; you may cut away a bank or build the wall and backfilling as you go to create a terrace effect. Pull a string line the length of the wall to define the front wall. Right, are you done? This is not the most challenging part of it, it will not take too long time.

stacked stone wall

stacked stone wall

Dig a footing
From the word ‘footing’ you probably can guess that this step belongs to making a base or foundation for the wall. Dig a ditch the length of the wall that is about a foot wide and 8 to 12 inches below the ground level. Besides working as the footing, this ditch also prevents the stones from sliding forward because of the pressure of the earth behind.
Place larger stones on the bottom (always)
In order to make the foundation strong and steady, always remember to place the larger stones on the bottom. Put the flat slide facing forward and slanted back about 8 degrees. The rock should just miss touching the string line, and be supported by dirt filled in behind it. Do this for the length of the wall, with each large rock touching the one next to it.

Fill dirt behind the large stones
You know, the center of the wall needs to be laid with fairly tight fitting stones and then leveled off with dirt. Therefore, fill dirt behind the large stones and tap the earth firmly while letting the 8-degree slant hold the stones in place by gravity. In this way, the wall stone will stand steadily.

Is that all? Nope, you still have some more steps to build your stacked stone wall such as providing complementary stones for filling in the space between the large rocks, making the next layer of stones and finally square off the top of the wall with smaller stones to give it a neat, straight and flat look. Not as hard as you think, is it?


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